Core Team

Prof. Nandakumar G. B.Sc. (CS&HM) MBA (HR)
Experience : 16 Years
Specialization :Food Production & Human Resources
Research & Projects :
1.A study on slow food practices in the local as existence
2.Comparative study of processed food over traditionally prepared food with reference to nutrition, taste and preparation.
1.Molecular gastronomy a special approach to Indian cuisine with special reference to Ayurveda super foods
2.Modifying the bakery goods to nutritionally powerful

Dr. Navaneet Deshpande BHM. MBA,PhD.
Associate Professor
Experience : 16 Years
Specialization :Food & Beverage Service & Human Resources Management
Research & Projects :
1.Organisational Management
2.Supply chain management for Hotel Operations in Pune – VAMNICOM Centre, SPPU.

Prof. Vinayak Harogopp. B.Sc. (HHA) MBA
Experience: 4 Years
Specialization :Food & Western cookery, Cold Kitchen
Research & Projects :
1.Approach to modern cookery through traditional slow cooking

Adjunct Faculty

Prof. Sujatha Pai
Assistant Professor M.Ed. English
Experience: 24 Years

Dr. Sushma Patnekar
Assistant Professor, MA. French
Experience: 22 Years

Prof. Azar Killedar
Assistant Professor, B.Ed. MBA. Hospitality Finance
Experience: 14 Years

Prof. Sunanda R Pandit
Lecturer, BHM – Accommodations Operations

Experience: 3 Years

Prof. Shoba Jagadish.
Soft-skills and Personality Development
Experience: 12 Years

Prof. Prabha G Bhoi
Communicative Kannada
Experience: 15 Years

Dr. Ashwini Narasannavar
Environment Studies/ NSS coordinator
Experience: 12 Years

Advocate, Jyothi Katti
Indian Constitution & Hotel Law
Experience: 15 Years