About internship : Hospitality internships provide practical training and work experience in the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, and event planning companies. These internships allow students or recent graduates to gain hands-on experience in various areas of the industry, such as food and beverage service, guest relations, event management, and hotel operations

About internship in India : By the end of fifth semester, the student must be able to choose the state and property where he or she is willing to be interned.

As per choice of students the internship is designed in India, the students will be able to choose the state and the property where he/ she want to be trained, a period of 22-24 weeks students can get interned in each department for a period of 30-45 days.

About internship in abroad : By the end of fourth semester, the students must be able to choose the country where he or she is willing to be trained and the process to be made as per the country chosen

The period of internship may vary as per Visa norms of the country chosen by the student,

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