KLE Graduate School of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (KLEGSHMCT) has memorandum of understanding (MOUs) with leading brands like Marriott & Royal Orchids. The purposes of MOUs are for the students to get a wonderful exposure with personalized concentration and programmed exposure. As part of MOUs the experts and executives form the industry keep visiting the campus for the CXO meets and other activities like guest lectures, skilled training, knowledge share etc.


MOU with Fairfield Marriott: KLEGSHMCT has made the MOU with Fairfield by Marriott Belagavi in the years 2019, where it has facilitated the students with the fabulous knowledge and great exposure and it has further moved the institution to be in par with the industry for better future for students, also the vision path of being the one of best college nationally can be attained by such practices.The MOUs has facilitated the students for having lots of industrial interactions and has built the students to face the future without any hesitations


MOU with REGENTA by Royal Orchid: KLEGSHMCT has made the MOU with REGENTA by RoyalOrchids in the years 2019; it has driven to a successful path of having weekend immersion program with expert at the property, further it has enabled the students to interact with the executives of the property for focusing on what is need to be done today for having better tomorrow.